We sincerely appreciate you taking the  time to write us.
                                      Jerry & Joan

Please send any comments or reviews to lostmill@lostmill.com


Pray you have been well.I need a vacation so maybe I will come and see you.Whiskey Before Breakfast.

Art Petro
Enjoyed visiting with you folks very much this past Tuesday. Jim really enjoyed the two songs. He loved it. Hopefully he will get to feeling well enough to come with me there sometime this summer.  See you when we can. 

Betty Carter

I have been listening to the CD I got from you last weekend and it has yet to come out of the player. You did a fine job, both musically and production-wise. I'll begin including it in the radio show this weekend starting with "Walking in Jerusalem" in the gospel set. I didn't hear anything I didn't like, but I must say Joan Paul's vocals and songs are just the best. And I'm going to steal Bobby for my band if y'all aren't careful! He's quite a musician.
Cary Allen Fields
WICR 88.7 FM University of Indianapolis
“Did I ever tell you how much I appreciate and dig your version of "Sally"...?
I really do.. truly...  thanks...”

Eric Brace, author of  “Sally” 
 Dear Lost Mill String Band,
 Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your playing the old-time music in Carrollton last weekend. There is so much bluegrass to be heard, but not much oldtime and your band was a breath of fresh air. I was surprised to learn that you all were from the North Vernon/Batesville area. My wife and I are going to get down to Batesville to hear you open for Dry Branch Fire Squad. Sounds like a wonderful night of old-time music in Batesville.
Kent and Marianne Lockman 

Jerry and Joan,
 I just wanted to say thank you again for all of the great work that you did to help us for the Rhonda Vincent show. You guys did a wonderful Job. You are number one in my book. Did you hear the crowd-hollering encore, encore? That was neat. and If we had have time we would have loved for you to do more. Maybe next time. We got a lot of wonderful comments after the show and had people to ask if you guys were coming back. As far as I'm concerned you are welcome anytime at our place. I just love your style of music. Like I told you before, I'm not a big bluegrass fan on some of the music but I just love your style. Please keep it up and don't change. It's folks like you that keep that style alive. As we told you before that we are also a booking agency we would love to put you in opening acts in some places if you would like for us to.
Scottsburg Jamboree
Hi, Jerry & Joan,

Today we got two wonderful surprises in the mail.
One was the Goodbye Babylon gospel compilation that we ordered.
The other was American Roots.

We were so excited about getting your CD that we wanted to listen to it first, and we did and loved it -- the song selection (loved your originals!), your singing, harmonies, the banjo picking, Bobby Bentle's fiddling, the solid rhythm and bottom. Well-recorded and produced, too. Congratulations! This album is a great ambassador for you.It really brightened up our evening. Thanks for sending it to us.

Do you know who the two children are in the photograph of the mill, and when the photowas taken? It's lovely. Looking forward to seeing you.
James Reams and Tina Aridas
Mountain Redbird Music
Just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your CD "American
Roots" last night. Joan, your mom played it for us when she stopped by for the
night on her way to Florida. I particularly liked "Doretha," since it was dedicated to
your grandfather and included your father, Paul, in it. You both have wonderful voices
and such musical talent! Your mom is so proud of you!
With sincerity,
Ed Gonzales
Just wanted to let you know that I got my hands on a great CD today.  If you can find one you need to buy it.  It is very very good. Might even be great!! It is a band called 

Lost Mill String Band and the CD is American Roots. 

Good job...Guys and Gal..  
Jim and Trouble

Just wanted to let you know how much I truly enjoyed your music last Friday, Dec. 5, at Jitters Cafe. Your laid-back style, mellow sound, and excellent blend of instruments and vocals made the evening a true delight. I hope to attend another one of your upcoming engagements soon; perhaps the one at The Waters in Batesville. Thanks again.
Steve Thompson
Hola, Buddies!

I had to pass on some comments that I heard about

your performance at Corydon. (Wish I could have made

it out; I worked that day.)

Kato Wilbur and Mike House, two of our new board

members, were at the festival and they said that you

good folks BLEW THEM AWAY! And, Joan, Kato, who plays

bass, now wants to take up banjo and learn claw

hammer. He said that they both stood watching you

open mouthed. Kato says he now knows what he wants to

do when he grows up.... hehe

Hoping that you are enjoying life, music and finding

Your pal,
Sonya Cotton
We're looking forward to having you back, I remember being impressed by you guys at Oktoberfest long before I ever thought I'd be on the board! :)
have a great weekend!
Eric DiBlasi, Jr

Hello, Joan and Jerry,

All 14 participants gave you a 5 (excellent) rating!  And several talked about you the next day! Here’s the comments from a couple of folks (most just circled 5 and didn’t write anything):

“Wonderful group!”

“The band was very good. They are great together.  The ambiance was really pretty.”

One person added a + after the 5 with comment” because it was music.”

Thanks for entertaining our Road Scholars!

Mary L. Dresser

Program Specialist

Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont

Lenoir City Middle School sent us a bunch of postcards (1 from each student,I think!) thanking folks for donating money so they could come here, and here are some comments on your Kiddin’ Around program:

“Thank you because of you I got to go to Tremont.  I got to..... And many other things.  One of those things is the Lost Mill String Band.”

“Thank you for helping to pay for entertainment”  
“I learned how to shoot a blowgun, make a fire, and how to play a violin.” 
“Thanks for the string band instrument!”

“I learned that rocks hurt”
 “Thank you for all of your donations. Because of you I got to d an astronomy class, got to see the Lost Mill String Band, and learned about the planets.”

“Thank you for letting us go to Tremont, and letting us learn how to play instruments, and much more.”

“I learned how to play instruments...”

“I liked the music...”

“Because of your donation, I learned how to lay some stringed instruments with the Lost Mill String Band.”

“I really enjoyed the Lost Mill String band.”

“Because you donated I got to do really fun stuff like: learning astronomy, getting a lesson on stringed instruments.”

Have a great week—it’ll be strange not having you here Friday night!

Mary L. Dresser

Program Specialist

Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont
Saw you at Wilderness Wildlife Week in Pigeon Forge the last two years and thoroughly enjoyed your approach to the music. Will be coming up to Alewine Pottery to see you soon. Did get your DVD "Oh Those Smoky Mountain Memories" and love it very much. Look forward to getting more of your music when we get to see you again.
J. R. "Joe" Hayes


Hello Jerry and Joanie, 

Michael Paul had a very good time while visiting you all at Allwine Pottery. .he enjoyed playing with your band and also the leperchan dance. I'm sure he will remember a long time to come. you all just made his day last wednesday. 
Thank you so very much and God bless you 

Donna Conn


Aloha Guys! Thanks so much for sending and posting our pic to the website. Had a wonderful time visiting with y'all at Alewine's. Could you do us a favor and remove just the last name. We try to remain semi private for back home. Look forward to seeing y'all again soon. Will be back in the area 4th of July weekend. Until then, take care

Richard and Andrea Dearth

Enjoyed visiting with you folks very much this past Tuesday. Jim really enjoyed the two songs. He loved it. Hopefully he will get to feeling well enough to come with me there sometime this summer. His breathing problems has been diagnosed as COPD. Remember him in your prayers. See you when we can.
Betty Carter

Thank you so much for the great times yesterday. I played your CD that you gave me right before I left in my car on my looong way home, and I think I went through all the songs like 5 times. Love them! Today I played the DVD for my mom and sister and they were actually interested and asked me so many questions about you both and about Tennessee. I took a snapshot of the video Jerry took of me while I was "playing" bass with Joan and sent it to my mom and brother, and my mom said she loved it and my brother said "that's so cool!" Oh, and I added you on Facebook! My Facebook name is Anth Ony. I also showed my dad and sister (will show my mom and brother soon) the limberjack, and they kept staring at it so I think they were confused but liked it. lol. I am super excited about all this because my interest in Tennessee folk music isn't wearing out even though I'm back in Michigan now, and I was afraid it might. But it's not, so that's good. Hope all is well with you both, and hope to see you again, but next time with my whole family! God bless you both.

Anthony Salem

OK...all the way from W V we are safely in Gatlinburg and promptly set out TV to CH 20 so Karen could get her Joan & Jerry fix !!!! We are certainly going to miss visiting with ya'll while here...she just informed me that we have 3 days booked Dec 3 or so...Well, anyway. Joan heal quickly & I'm SO proud that Jerry is a good nurse ( we had no doubt ! )
Tom & Karen Cross


Just stopped by to say hello, and to see how Joanie was getting along. Read your page, and am so happy to see that she is getting along fine. God Bless, 
Continue keeping you all in our Prayers. 
Love Ya! 

Jerry and Sharon Stiner


Jerry & Joan, We are the couples from Mayberry, RFD (ie Mount Airy, NC). We so enjoyed your pickin' and singing on September 19. Thank you for making the pictures of us and Polly & Ed Hardy. We are friends and enjoy coming to see you both.

Roger & Kaye Puckett


Hi Dear Ones, We,re looking forward to seeing you come mid October ! We,ve had a 
lovely summer, but just can't wait to see the mountains again and feel the wonderful coolness of fall. We hope all goes well with you till then. 
With best regards, 

Jim & Judy Adams

Have been remembering you since finding about your accident. Hope the shoulder is healing good and fast. Plan to be at "Wilderness Wildlife Week" again in January. Been trying to get up to Alewine Pottery, hoping you might be there. Really enjoy your music, especially your "Clawhammer" picking and your singing. You two are one of my most favorite groups. Hope to see you guys soon. Take care...............

Joe Hayes/Piedmont, SC


We will be coming down Oct. 19th hope you will be feeling better would sure like to see you again the trip would not be the same...

Sue Zambo

Just stopped by to say hello, and to see how Joanie was getting along. Read your page, and am so happy to see that she is getting along fine. 
God Bless, 
Continue keeping you all in our Prayers. 
Love Ya!

Jerry and Sharon Stiner


Greetings,Sorry to hear about the broken bone...I hope for a speedy recovery.
My name is Alanna and I am the Art teacher at Lenoir City Middle School. You may recall that you and your music had a wonderful impact on a student of ours, Stone Philips, years ago. Actually, your music has an impact on all our students. 
I'm writing because I am working on a project through VSA TN (www.vsatn.org/). The project will have to do with Appalachia Music and Art. Any suggestions? We will be partnering with an Arts org in Ireland for special needs. I'm hoping to use your music. How can I obtain permission?
Thank you!!!

Alanna Rosen


Oh my !!!!! SSOOOOO sorry to hear about the club membership ...Karen & I have not been able to get out of WV this year yet. We are coming to Gatlinburg on this Sat Aug 16 and have been looking forward to seeing you all. ( guess the meeting of the 4 toes club will have to rescheduled also ) Karen & I do wish Joan a speedy recovery and we are sure that Jerry is a very good home nurse...Best wishes, see ya'll later in the fall...

Tom & Karen.

Just saw the posting that Joan broke a bone. Hope all is well and that you are healing. What did you break? Hope to see you again while we are in the Smokies in Oct. What will your schedule be like at Alewine Pottery the week of Oct.11-18 of this year. Last year you were not there on Tuesday when we normally come over to that area so we came back to see you. I hope that we get to enjoy your music again this year while we are down there. Our son Joshua is coming with but only staying until Thur. Take care, hope all heals up just fine.

Virginia and Fred St.Clair

Hi! So sorry to hear about Joan. Hope she's feeling better. You probably don't remember us. We are from Pennsylvania. We were down in Gatlinburg about 7 years ago. We first saw and met you out at Alewine Pottery. We had a lot of fun with you guys. Do you remember "Stinkweed"? That's me (Beth). We are coming down to the Smokies the week of August 17 - 23 and were looking forward to seeing you guys and listening to your great music again. Maybe next time. The main thing is that Joan gets well. In the meantime, we have your CDs to enjoy.

Beth & Rich Thomas

Hello Jerry and Joan! We just went to visit you at Alewine Pottery and talked with Earl. We inquired after you as this is our sixth time in Gatlinburg and listening 
to your music is always one of the highlights of our visit here. We frequently listen to your songs at home and sing along as it always makes us feel like we are back in Tennessee. 
We don't know if you will remember us, but you graciously let Mia sing Amazing Grace with you to the tune of The a House of the arising Sun inside Alewine Pottery during a rainy afternoon. We have been unable to come back for two years and were truly sad to hear about Joan's recent injury. 
If you are not in too much pain and would like a free meal, we would love to take you to dinner.  We came to Alewine today with that purpose in mind. In any case, we sure hope Joan will feel better soon. 
From Chicago, 

Larry & Mia

We love you both! We come to Alewine every time we visit the mountains, first to see you play, and second to add to our Alewine Collection. 

So Sorry to hear about your injury Joan....Hope it doesn't affect your banjo playing in the long run. 
We inquired a while back about playing at our wedding, which is now not going to be in the Gatlinburg area. We have to do it in Cincinnati. The wedding is not until October 25th, 2014. Not that far to travel, we can usually do the drive in 4-5 hours.
So here's what we're thinking. We will be in the area for a vacation from July 28 to August 1. Kathy and I (Todd) would love to take you to dinner and discuss if it's even possible to get you to Cincinnati to play during our ceremony and during the reception. And to discuss the costs involved. We noticed in one of your videos that you mentioned Anderson Township, and that just happens to be where we live. This is going to be a very low ley wedding. Outdoors, Fall colors, overlooking the big Ohio River. Then to the reception for Dinner, Drinks, and hopefully great music. Will only be about 50 people.
If you have the time, we'd love to have dinner with you, talk about all this, and even if you can't come to Cincinnati, we'd at least get to have dinner with Jerry & Joan.
Let us know.
You have my email, but feel free to call Todd (513-373-8227) or Kathy (513-604-1742). If we don't answer, please leave a message and we'll call you right back.
Get Well Joan!

Todd McNeal

Hi Jerry. It's been a long time. I ran into a man (Allen Seal) who told me you sent your hellos to me. Hope you and Joan are doing fine. Hate to hear about broken bone club. NOT GOOD, Well my friends, Keep the music close to your hears. I'll look you up the next time Peggy and I are down in the Smokies. God Bless 

Bill Burns

Hi Jerry, 
I got to hear the class ring story at my brother Larry's funeral. Thank you for being such a good friend. On our next trip to TN we will hope to see you perform. 

Diane Miller Moody


We enjoyed listening to you at the Pottery store.... Jerry, hope you got the shipping out on time....

CD Haun
Met you two a few years back at LeConte lodge. Bought 5 of your CD's & listen to them when traveling.

Tom Hines


Enjoyed visiting with you folks very much this past Tuesday. Jim really enjoyed the two songs. He loved it. Hopefully he will get to feeling well enough to come with me there sometime this summer.

 Betty Carter 

Good afternoon, I am looking to fill my thursday nights with live bluegrass/old time/string music for the spring/summer. Your sound would fit perfect. Currently there is no PA system, just acoustic from the balcony of the upstairs dining room. It is working well and growing in popularity. The bands I have now are performing from 6-9 with food and drink on me. Pay is negotiable, I have simply paid the other bands what they ask, no haggle. Please contact me if you are willing to come over the mountain and share your sound with my dinner crowd.

Bogarts Restaurant & Tavern



Jerry & Joan,
Kyle and I really enjoyed your guy's music while in Gatlinburg at the first of this month. We are the ones from Kentucky, that used to live in Indiana by "Cummins Bill Burns". Thanks for letting me try out your brass picks while there. I stopped at the music store, and picked up a couple different sets. They do have a good sound to them. Now all I need is to learn to play my ol banger a little better.

Jim & Kyle Beth Brock


Jerry, Joan!
Its MICHAEL AND AZURE from near chicago. We missed you last May and didn't revist on account of a new family addition in October, Kathleen.
All three of us would like to visit and at least say HI and hopefully hear some tunes. Kathleen is still tiny and adorable and I would like to get her hooked on good music! 

Michael Kutella


Saw you at Wilderness Wildlife Week in Pigeon Forge the last two years and thoroughly enjoyed your approach to the music. Will be coming up to Alewine Pottery to see you soon. Did get your DVD "Oh Those Smoky Mountain Memories" and love it very much. Look forward to getting more of your music when we get to see you again.

J. R. "Joe" Hayes


Joan & Jerry, 
Wife and I are planning on visiting Gatlinburg the week of October 5th, 2014. I don't see you listed on the web site as performing at Alewine Pottery that week. Do you know if you will be there that week? We sure would love to see you guys again.

Officer Bob Cluka from Wisconsin

Am planning a trip to Gatlinburg hopefull around the 14 of June. Hope to see you play.

Willa Burns


It was nice to meet you earlier today! You have a lovely website. If we ever get back to the smokeys we will make sure to stop by one of your concerts! If you search for the AiGO trio or Wasmuth quartet or my name there are some various music recording on YouTube. Have a great concert and take care!


Haven't had the pleasure of seeing you perform for a while. I'm thinking, "Come On Spring !".

Daniel Paulin
Jerry, Joan, thanks for the CD!

Doc Vierling

Have saw You Play & Listened to You a lot. 
Enjoy Your Music.

Doug Kannady


Mark Eden

You two are amazing....we enjoy your music, your warmth and friendship.... Thank you!

 Margie Harding

I enjoy your music. I see you every year at Alewine Pottery. 
I don't know how often you record a CD, but I was wondering 
if you would record a CD of Stephan Foster's songs.
Dave Dreher

We will be in Gatlinburg tomorrow and all of next week. Will you be playing at Alewine Pickin' Porch? We visit you each year and last year you(Jerry) directed us to see Elkmont and trying apple pie moonshine. Both were well worth visiting. I have something for you that is made by friends in my home town . Hope to see you. 




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